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2020-03-29 03:02

By John Haydon. QR codes allow people to go directly to your Facebook Business Page. Your visitors simply use their mobile devices to scan the QR code and are immediately sent to your Page.1. Go to the Facebook QR Code Generator. 2. Enter a valid Facebook URL of your profile or fan page in the given field and click on Create my QR Code. 3. Your QR Code has been generated and you are given three design options to choose from standard black& white, fancy with custom logo, and fancy with custom background. qr code do facebook

To use the QR code reader: Open the code reader. Frame the QR code on the screen within the frame on your mobile phone screen. The code will scan automatically, or you can tap to autofocus as needed. Keep in mind that you may need to grant permission to the camera setting on your phone before you're able to scan codes.

Step# 2: Customizing your Facebook post. The next step is to upload your QR code to a server that can communicate with the Facebook Share API. Something you share on Facebook contains four components (see graphic below). All of these components are fully customizable for a viral QR code How to Create a QR Code for Your Facebook Page. Create the QR Code for your Facebook business Page here and enter a valid URL. Its important to note that users wont be able to access a private profile, so make sure that your account is considered a business and viewable by the public. When you create the QR Code for your Facebook business Page,qr code do facebook Facebook QR Codes. Go QRStuff. com and select Facebook as your data type in Column 1. Choose Facebook Like in Column 2. Enter the URL of the Facebook page, website or website page to be Liked, and enter a title for that page or website. Select the foreground colour for your QR code in Column 3.

Woo, Now all done just wait for a second and your Facebook page QR Code will generate in PDF form, Now you have to click on Download All Poster button. And it will be downloaded in pdf format. And it will be downloaded in pdf format. qr code do facebook

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