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Sep 04, 2013 How to Redirect A Facebook Fan Page To An Outside URL Facebook ads redirect and landing pages inside facebook How to add iframe tabs in facebook page using static HTML ifram tab?You can implement a redirect on Facebook, but you have to do it through a tab app, and it doesnt work for visitors coming to the main page, only the app. Tab apps are basically just web pages that load in an iFrame inside the Facebook window, so that makes sense. redirect to facebook page tab

Then select HTML Fangate Tabs and then click on Add HTML Fangate Tab to start a new tab. 3. The next panel will default to a blank HTML space, but change the Page Source to Redirect instead.

Basically, to create a Facebook app that automatically redirects to an external link such as your website we will be creating a file that needs to be uploaded and stored online (you can use your websites hosting for this) and then linking it to our Facebook page. To configure a Page tab, go to the App Dashboard and select Settings Basic. Now click on the Add Platform button and choose Page Tab from the dialog. Now you can configure some settings for your new tab: The Page Tab Edit Url is a thirdparty link provided by a page tab app developer or page tab admin to page admins. This is used to customizing the page tab app. Note, the url can't be a Facebook url.redirect to facebook page tab 2 Answers 2. active oldest votes. up vote 3 down vote. So when a Page addinstall your app, you should store the page's link along with the page's id. Now when your page tab is loaded, Facebook will send the page parameter which will contain the page id (along with other info, refer to the documentation).

The social media world play with Handles each account or profile or page has his or her own handle so when you have 2 websites refer to each other you have to get each unique handle for each one. You cant refer or redirect people from one handle to anther their is no such thing as far as i know. Website one has @XYZ handle for his own. redirect to facebook page tab Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. I have changed the way my facebook page tab app asks for permissions. I was using the javascript approach with FB Dialog and now I am using the redirect approach (in which the user is redirected to a FB page where the permissions are asked and then is redirected back to the facebook page tab). The redirect will include a URL parameter tabsadded which is an array of IDs of any pages that the app was added to using the dialog. display. Determines how the dialog is rendered. If you are using the URL redirect dialog implementation, then this will be a full page display, shown within Facebook. com. This display type is called page.

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