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2020-01-23 14:18

How To Login Spotify Without Facebook However, some of us do not have a Facebook account, or just plain do not wish to make use of anything that makes us log right into it in this way. Anxiety not however, since with Spotify there is another method. YouIf your main concern is just the fact that Facebook can access your Spotify interests and data, you can turn off that connection without disabling your ability to log in with your Facebook account spotify login without facebook account

If you want to use a dedicated Spotify login, without Facebook, you have to create an entirely new Spotify account, and ask customer service to port your playlists over. Yes, seriously. According to Spotifys support page, you have to cancel your Premium subscription, create a new account, use the contact form to ask customer service to

I do not want my Facebook account anymore. Each time I try to log into Spotify it automatically reactivates my Facebook Account. I simply want to use spotify without Facebook reactivating. This is truly becoming a nuisance. Login with Facebook, or login with your Spotify details. Absolutely zero options for signing up to a Spotify account here other than Facebook. To get around this, set down your iOS device, and head on over to the Spotify homepage in your desktop web browser.spotify login without facebook account I want to use Spotify without Facebook. To disconnect your Spotify account from Facebook: Open the Spotify desktop app. In the topright corner, click, then Settings. Under Social, click DISCONNECT FROM FACEBOOK. Note: Its not possible to complete these steps on mobile. Dont see this option? This means you created your account with

Facebook login required for Spotify account, here's a little trick for you How to sign up to Spotify without connecting your Facebook. Create a dummy account for all your login needs. I've spotify login without facebook account

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