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2019-12-06 00:56

Facebook Messenger Alternatives. 1) Kik: Kik is a good chat service for all kind of Smartphones. You can also use it in your iPhone too. You can filter people on this messenger and talk to strangers. People will able to see your username but no phone number at all.Alternatives to Facebook Messenger for iPhone with any license. Telegram Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. Its superfast, simple and free. It is like SMS, but more powerful. . alternative to facebook messenger iphone

Brief is a great alternative for Facebook Messenger if you want to talk to colleagues, clients, and partners in an organized and secure way. It has all the features and characteristics youve come to love minus the clutter, plus robust team collaboration tools. Set up is simple enter your phone number and a onetime verification code sent to you via SMS.

8. KakaoTalk (Free). KakaoTalk seems like a nice, simple place to start when considering viable alternatives to Facebook Messenger. Mainly because it is more of a fast, stripped down option so is perfect for those who are sick of all the stuff that comes with both Facebook and WhatsApp. Top 4 Facebook Messenger Alternatives That Actually Work. In one of the recent experiments conducted by The Guardian, it was proved that Facebook apps (Facebook, Messenger, etc) can impact other apps installed on your phone and can also reduce battery life by 20. Due to this behavior of Facebook apps, many users either uninstall them fromalternative to facebook messenger iphone

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