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Facebook allows for 2 networking tools: . Creating joining a Facebook group; Creating joining a Facebook fan page. While the major differences become evident only after you try out them first, wePage Overview. Facebook Pages are the public profile of a business, nonprofit organization or other commercial entity on Facebook. They allow you to interact with your customers and fans. fan page or group better facebook

Apr 08, 2011 Facebook group on other hand has been a very steady and also easy way to promote products on Facebook. I would advice you to right now go with a facebook group, add as many friends to this group and then promote your fan page on your own group.

Should I have a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group for my Business? I get asked this question quite a bit and I wrote a definitive answer in this post: Facebook Page or Group: The Definitive Answer. But with any line you draw in the sand (especially in Facebooks sandbox), that answer has shifted a bit. Facebook Fan Page Event A Facebook page and a Facebook group each has its benefits, and theyre totally different things. So, this leaves some at a complete standstill in terms of which to select. To know which option best suits your needs, lets examine the difference in a page and a group and subsequently look atfan page or group better facebook A Better A. M. Joy Fan Page has 1, 685 members. Group Founder Sabrina Phillips Group Admins are as follows. Sabrina Phillips John Washington Shannon

Facebook Group Page or Fan Page: What is Best for My Business? May 7, 2009 by Hall. I had a meeting the other day and the topic of the difference between Facebook fan pages and Group pages came up. I will admit I was not aware of all the subtle differences. fan page or group better facebook May 27, 2009  Page admins can send updates to fans through the Page, and these updates will appear in the Updates section of fans' inboxes. There is no limit on how many fans A blog, business music group etc. , seems more appropriate for the Facebook Fan page. I think the Facebook Group is better suited for networking groups, alumni groups and any group of people with similiar interests who would like to come together. jmho Feb 24, 2010 You can either become a fan of the official Facebook page for the celebrity or cause and show your support there or create your own group on Facebook around the common interest. For example, just as I'm a fan of the official Page for the show Lost, I am also a member of groups created by other fans like myself. Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups Cara Pring. Posted by Cara Pring on Feb 22, Groups allow shared documents as well as group chat. Fans of a Page cannot see everyone else who is a fan. Members of a group can see other members of that group. you can definitely have a page and a group. Groups are typically better for frequent

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