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2020-01-24 17:21

Mobile apps require developers to replace navigational words with images. Sometimes what the images, or icons, mean, can be confusing. As more and more people are using mobile devices to run their lives and businesses, the people who develop applications for these devices face a challenge.Answer Wiki. Properly the cellular phone icon close to your friend around the Facebook talk means they've Facebook on their mobile cell phone or capsule device meaning that usually in the event you still concept or talk to them, chances are they will acquire this on there mobile cell phone or capsule device. Furthermore, what do the facebook mobile icons mean

A: To transcend cultures and languages, Facebook uses symbolic menu icons at the top of the page. The silhouette of two people shows where friend requests are managed. The chat bubbles represent inbox and instant messages, and the globe icon houses notifications. Just to the right of those symbols is a lock icon, representing privacy settings.

What Does the Open Blue Circle with a Check Mark Facebook Messenger icon mean? An Open Blue Circle with Check Mark icon on Facebook messenger means the message has been received and processed by the Facebook servers. Mar 04, 2013 The time next to the mobile icon on Facebook is the time since the person has opened up the Facebook Chat on their phone, not Facebook in general. When someone uses Facebook through the computer, the mobile icon will disappear and so will the time. It'll become a green dot indicating that that person is currently online on the computer.what do the facebook mobile icons mean With that in mind, in this article we take a look at what all of the Facebook symbols mean. From the alltooobvious ones to the odd and obscure. This is a short guide to Facebook symbols. Simple Facebook Symbols. The following are some of the more common icons that most people who use Facebook regularly will recognize.

How can the answer be improved? what do the facebook mobile icons mean A blue circle means your message is sending. A blue circle with a check means your message has been sent. A filledin blue circle with a check means your message has been delivered. A small version of your friend or contact's photo will pop up below the message when they've read it. Well the mobile phone icon next to your friend on the Facebook chat means that they have Facebook on their mobile phone or tablet device which means that usually if you still message or chat to them, then they will receive this on there mobile phone or tablet device.

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