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Question from Bonnie: How can I delete messages from Facebook without first opening the message? Ricks answer: I love questions like this, Bonnie. Short, and directly to the point! The answer depends on how youre accessing your Facebook messages. Just follow the steps below that match the device youre using.How can the answer be improved? delete message on facebook without opening

Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger 1. Open the Facebook Messenger App. 2. Go to the Home tab on Messenger. 3. Select a Conversation. 4. Swipe left on a conversation. 5. Now, Tap Delete and Tap Delete when prompted.

How can I delete a message in FB Messenger on my pc without opening it and letting the sender know I have read it. I do not want to have correspondence with this person and do not want to acknowledge receipt of the message. Jul 18, 2017 How To Delete Messages On Facebook Messenger On Mobile App. Facebook messenger app is best have text conversations with all of your friends on the popular social network. this video i will showdelete message on facebook without opening Heres how you can delete unread messages on Facebook without opening them up on the Web or mobile phone. Head on after the jump for the complete guide. Read receipts on Facebook can be pretty annoying for those who normally find themselves avoiding

The reason is that once you open it, Facebook will mark the message as read and the sender will know that you have read the message and youre simply ignoring himher. Thats why it is a good idea to delete the Facebook message without even opening it up, and the sender will still see it as an unread message. delete message on facebook without opening How do I delete a facebook message without opening it because it has a virus that activates on opening? This message has a virus. it's in my Facebook inbox and I can't open it because of the virus to delete it. how do. Feb 25, 2010 Best Answer: Next to the message will be a little square box. click the box and a tick will appear in the box. Just above the messages you will see three options: Mark as Unread, Report as Spam, Delete Click Delete' and VOILA! Message erased. How can I delete a private message WITHOUT opening it first? Related Help Center FAQs; Can I retrieve deleted messages on Facebook? How do I send a private message to a Page? How do I delete messages or a conversation on Messenger. com? How can I tell if I'm connected to Facebook without data cha Can people see my private messages on my Jan 24, 2018 This is a tutorial showing how to delete a Facebook message without opening it (on a computer). This is useful for anybody who receives a hacked message and doesn't want to open it to delete it.

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