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Aug 12, 2011  Bergara Scout jednoran kulovnice. Samozejm, e vm, e si j v lech znim (odu), ale tahle Bergara se mi lb i vzhledov a zamlouv se mi i jej vha. A nechce se mi dvat penze do star I vlastn se mi nechce kupovat vbec rusk zbra a to nemm dnou patnou zkuenostNovina na nasem trzistu, spanski karabini Bergara. Uvoznik je Balkan Hunter i koliko vidim na njihovom sajtu poceli su i sa uvozom obrtnocepnih karabina B14 i BX11, pored jednometnih modela scout. Zanima me da li neko ima iskustva sa ovim puskama? Price kruze da nisu losi. bergara scout forum

Sep 06, 2018  Bergara is a long time barrel maker for other rifle manufacturers. Their barrels are of great quality. I haven't shot one of their target rifles with the adjustable everything stock, but I have shot one of their hunting focused rifles in. 308 (can't remember the model number), but I

May 20, 2018 Pretty happy with my Bergara 7mm08. latest results sighting it in at 100m. I was just leaning over a bench, with a solid rifle rest I know I could have gotten the group even tighter than this. Mine is suppressed with a pretty short barrel. Nov 10, 2018  Bergara Scout. Post by Marwin857 Wed, 11: 03 Dobr den. Mte nkdo zkuenosti s touto zbran. Dnes jsem ml e se zkuenm sportovnm stelcem a lovcem na tma jednuka Bergara, ml ji v ruce, vyzkouel ji a dajn spou je hrozn a degraduje jinak celkem slun udlanou zbra. Muselo by se na nbergara scout forum Mar 04, 2019 My only bolt guns is an old Hex receiver Mosin Nagant and a Ruger Gunsight Scout in. 308. After going to the the Menu. Home. Forums. New posts Search forums. What's new. New posts New media New media comments New resources Latest activity. Media. New media New comments Search media. I just picked up a Bergara HMR in 6. 5CM, still waiting

A buddy just picked up a Scout configured in 357 Mag pistol. He wants to have it chambered out to the 357 Maximum and is looking for a reputable smith that can do the deed. bergara scout forum Sep 15, 2012 Forums Home of PointBlank Ballistics Software CVA Scout(Bergara) Single Shot: Never having known that CVA was selling centerfire rifles, I was surprised to see these Scout rifles for sale. Made in Spain and sold under the CVA name here in the states, Bergara elsewhere, they are single shot and should compete well with the HR HandiRifle. Mar 28, 2017  Hi, have been looking at buying a Begara Scout single shot in. 308. Has anyone got any positivenegative feedback on these i. e accuracy? Looking for

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