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180 HP Engine 30 day unpack policy for any damage or missing items. No returns or warranty on any electrical components. 30 restocking on any agreed upon returns or exchanges View on MobileDetails of all the issues I have had with Viking, taken from my engine logbook, follows. This is a discussion of the issues and problems with the Viking Aircraft engine that caused the crash of this aircraft. viking aircraft engines forum

Viking Aircraft Engine Forum and website lacks consistent useable TSO information or consistent installation instructions (it is primarily a sales tool and there are no written installation manuals). The parts were readily available at an auto supply store.

Viking has always offered new and no mileage engines and we have some available in our shop and ready to ship. A rebuilt Lycoming engine is a used engine, even a factory rebuilt unit is used. Viking's used happens to be the latest in technology and just slightly used. Jun 01, 2017 Viking Aircraft Engines, thoughts? (Honda piston AE? ) Discussion in 'Hangar Talk' started by exncsurfer, May 26, It also appears that whenever Viking comes up in a forum, somebody has to mention that his former Subaru conversion company went belly up and that he left unhappy customers behind. The heat that comes out of those autoviking aircraft engines forum Feb 11, 2016  Building the Viking engines is my life. It is what I do. Ben Schaefer has been bashing Viking Aircraft Engines, on the web for some time due to his dissatisfaction of me blocking his continued attempt to post, his opinion that we needed an installation manual, and me

If your looking for an engine for your Zenith or any other aircraft please feel free to reach out to the many proud owners of the Viking 130 and get a viking aircraft engines forum A lot of fancy good aircraft engines for sure. What Viking brings to the table is what now is very popular in a lot of new cars. Small light direct injected turbocharged all liquid cooled not complicated no exhaust pipes inexpensive affordable and plentiful worldwide OEM parts supply any car mechanic can work on no specialized internal engine components, type of engine. Viking Classifieds. Please feel free to buysell or trade any Viking related items here. Started by Jan EggenfellnerLatest Reply. Welcome to the Viking Forum! Welcome to the Viking Forum! This is the place to post a topic that is specific to Viking engines or accessories such as header tanks or t Started by John AustinLatest Reply Did you order your aircraft kit within the last 6 months? If you can show proof of purchase, we will give you 10 off your engine with the purchase of Full FWF components! Viking now offering a 90 HP option! 130 HP Viking Engine is now only 10, 995. 00 Order Today Jan 23, 2012 I thought about using a Viking engine in another aircraft but after a little research and trying hard to figure out how much they weigh installed I gave up. My guess is that when installed the package ends up being about 40 to 60 pounds heavier than a 912s.

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