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2020-03-30 06:08

Aug 30, 2014 blocking youtube, facebook on router by Hani AlMarzoqi on Mar 6, 2014 at 16: 30 UTC Sana'a Host is an IT service provider.I have used URL filtering on my Billion Router to block access to facebook etc. . for the users. The users need both http& https access for their work. I have noticed that they circumvent the blocking by going to sites such as http: \\vtunnel. com in order to gain access to the banned sites. Appreciate your input on best managing this problem. block facebook on billion router

Read on as we show you howwith nothing more than your routeryou can selectively block and temporarily restrict individual websites. For many people a massive commercial internet filter is overkill.

Oct 07, 2012 To get into the router's settings pages, either connectr wirelessly or use the cable that came with your router to connect to your computer then go Start then Run in XP or use the Windows key plus R in Vista and Windows 7, then type in the following into the Open box, including all the spaces: cmd k ipconfig all Oct 30, 2012 But the block only happen when you try to access facebook on computers and ipad with proper internet browser (eg. IE, chrome, safari, etc). However, when you open facebook app (from iphone or android's facebook app), you still can access facebook.block facebook on billion router Dec 11, 2013 I am new to networking and I just want the easiest way to block https facebook using the packet filtering from my router. My router model is a billion bipac 7300ra. I tried this config below but it is not working: Even when I ping within that range it still connects. Any help?

Improve employee productivity by blocking Facebook on your company's network. configure your router to block certain keywords and domains. NETGEAR. 1. Connect to block facebook on billion router Mar 06, 2011  How to block a website using your router. Hello everyone, today I'm going to show you how to block a website using your router. that right you don't need any addons just your router Mar 28, 2019 How to Block Unwanted Site From Your Router. If you need to keep prying eyes away from certain sites, you don't have to fork out cash for a net monitoring program. You can use your router's settings to block unencrypted websites. If the I need to block other device from accessing facebook app in my wireless router. Any domainip i need to set for the access blocking? Tried to add facebook domain in my router rules. Web facebook is blocked but facebook app still able to access. Need help. Dec 13, 2015 This demonstration is shown in the tplink dsl router, but this method work equally for the other router as well. The main important thing is to set the access control in the router and apply that

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