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Once you have your token, you can copy and paste it into the Facebook Access Token field on the plugins Settings page. If you have trouble retrieving your tokenGetting Page Access Tokens. Graph API requires Page access tokens to manage Facebook Pages. They are unique to each Page, admin, and app and have an expiration time. You must own or be able to perform a task on the Page to get a Page access token. People using your app need to have one of the Page tasks described below. For a Single Page access token facebook fan page

Replace the fanpagename with your competitor fanpagename (in our case, DiamondPlatnumz255) and replace the accesstoken with the access token from the earlier step. Access tokens have an expiration time, so if you find it has expired you will need to log in again and get a new one.

Get Facebook accesstoken. Login here using your Facebook Credential. Please keep in mind that we dont collect your account information. We only Access to your facebook account ONE TIME for generating your Access Token Only. so in other word. Your Account is Safe. (No Checkpoint 100)! Email facebook. Password facebook. Feb 12, 2017 10, 000 facebook page likes for your facebook fan page in five minutes[2017 working method Duration: 5: 28. Naveen's lab 574, 281 viewsaccess token facebook fan page Facebook requires a Page Access Token if you want to use the data from your Facebook page, customize it and embed it on your website through SociableKIT. For example, in SociableKIT Facebook Page Events Solution, a page access token is required if you want to display high quality event images, event description, maps, past events, hourly [

Page Access Token. These access tokens are similar to user access tokens, except that they provide permission to APIs that read, write or modify the data belonging to a Facebook Page. To obtain a page access token you need to start by obtaining a user access token and asking for the managepages access token facebook fan page Please, if your Facebook Fan Page 'App ID' and 'Access Token' is working, GREAT! You can continue to use this extension worry free. Everyone else wishing to use Facebook Fan Page within their Joomla! website, it just can't happen under the current Facebook API restrictions. Setting up Permissions and Obtaining a Page Access Token for Facebook API Usage. Update: I've noticed this page is getting some traffic. Since writing this, Facebook has updated their Graph API version, and changed the layout on some of the pages I've referenced below. Apr 24, 2012 This is just an example video for people that need to create accesstokens for their facebook fan page and make it available for more than 1 day. Total period that this should make your access And among them you will see accesstoken for each page. This accesstokens are what we are searching for. They are neverending. Accesstoken Get info about token. Facebook has another helpful endpoint to get information about any token, e. g. Expirationdate, appid, userid and scopes associated with it.

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